Stance and Ball Placement

The width of the stance is the distance between the player's feet when aiming at the ball, and it is an important factor that affects the ready position. The width of the stance depends on the club the player is using to hit the ball. In addition, the ball's position is also important, as it affects the angle of the clubface and the path of the clubhead when the club touches the ball. If the player has the correct stance width and ball placement when aiming the ball, it will help to improve the stability of the swing.


 Stance and Ball Placement for a Golf driver

    Golf driver is the longest club in the bag and in order to use this long club, the player should stand wider than with other clubs. The ball should be positioned in front of the feet on the left side of the heel.


    Reduced stance width when hitting with special irons

      In contrast to the driver, the stance width of the feet is narrower with the special irons. Since the special irons are shorter and have a smaller swing, the balance requirements are not as strict as with a driver. When using any club other than the driver and the special irons, the width of the stance of the feet is somewhere in between.