Best Drills To Hit The Golf Ball High With The Irons


There is nothing as exhilarating as hitting your ball right at the point that you want and watching it fly straight to the target. Knowing how to hit high golf balls high with your irons can help you in several situations such as:


  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Getting your shot further in winter situations when the ground is hard and causes the ball not to roll over.
  • Helps you push through against the wind.


Therefore, you must ensure that you have these tips I am about to share with you under your belt to help you during such situations.


a.Hitting The Center Of The Golf Ball


The first mistake most beginners make is that they do not make contact with the middle of the clubhead or a pure strike. The center of the ball is often the sweet spot of the ball, and it is where you hit for maximum impact to ensure that the ball gives you that trajectory and distance you want.


To ensure that you're hitting the center of the golf ball, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  • Use two tees and separate them at about 7 inches apart. Then, you want to assume a setup position, and then swing/strike the club in between the tees. You want to do this to ensure that you swing or strike just in-between the tees and not hit them.


  • If you are hitting the tees closer to you, then it means you are standing too close to the golf ball, and vice versa if you hit the tee further from you.


  • Once you practice a couple of drills with that and you realize that you aren't hitting either tee but rather you are hitting right between the two tees, then you can continue with the tips below.


  • With the next tip, you have two options: you can either use a marker or an impact tape. Well, with the marker, you want to mark the center of the ball, and with the impact tape, you want to paste the tape on the clubhead. The goal with either option is to know where you made the impact after striking.


  • After using either the marker or the impact tape on the clubhead, you want to place the golf ball in between the two tees you set up earlier. Well, with the marker option, you want to make sure that the point you marked is centered and facing your club. For the impact tape option, you do not need to worry.


  • Once you have your setup ready, the next step is to strike the ball, and after you strike, take a look at the clubhead. You will notice that there will be an indication on the part that made contact with the ball.


  • Well, you want to repeat this several times until you see the part of the clubhead you use to strike the ball. If you discover that your strikes aren't centered, then you might want to do some adjustments until you find the middle of the club base.


b.Your Setup Is Essential


Once, you know how to hit the ball at the center, then the next step is to know how to setup. Here are a few tips:


  • With your setup, you want to have the ball a bit further from the middle of your stance (a bit more to your left leg or the front foot). This will ensure that you get more loft. You are trying to hit the ball over an obstacle; therefore, you need loft.


  • Once you have this figured out, you want to take a normal swing. What this means is that you want to take your normal backswing; however, when it gets to your downswing, you might have to change things up a bit.


  • With this, even though your upper body might be following through towards the target in the downswing, you want to lag your head a bit. So, you want your whole upper body and hip to move towards the target while you lag your head a bit to keep the weight on the back foot.


  • By lagging your head, you are putting the center of gravity behind the ball, which will give the loft you want and cause the ball to go higher.



c.How To Avoid The Ball Going Too High:


Even though you want your ball to go higher, you do not want it to go too high such that it falls beyond the yardage. And to avoid this, you must control the amount of loft you add to your club.


A quick way to fix this is to make sure that you are hitting the ball nicely and squarely. One mistake people make is to hit the ball with an open face, and often what this does is to hit the ball too high, which is something you do not want. Usually, this happens because they do not have any visual aid to guide them. Also, people do hit it with a closed face and this also causes the golf ball to move in a lower direction.


Well, to make sure that you are hitting the ball at an optimal height, ensure that you hit it with a square clubface.


Well, one way to ensure that you can hit the ball squarely is to put an alignment stick on the ground and place your ball next to it (about a foot apart from the ball).


The goal here is to make sure that you are hitting the face nice and square. And the only way to ensure this is with the help of the alignment stick.

So, to make sure that you have your ball flying high is to ensure you are hitting the ball nice and square, and with the help of the alignment stick, you can



d.Your Grip:


Another important factor that ensures that you hit your ball high such that it stays on the yardage is your grip. With this, you do not want to have a weak grip or a strong grip. You want to make sure that you have a neutral grip.


To assume a neutral grip, follow the step below:


  • With a neutral grip, your hands are straight and not rotated.
  • Also, with a neutral grip, you will have two knuckles at the target side visible and two knuckles at the trailing hand visible.
  • To do this, you want to wrap your hands with the above in mind. When doing this, you want to make sure that the v your left hand creates comes between your right shoulder and chin. While the v your right hand creates comes between only to your chin.
  • An easy way to accomplish this is to pick the club with your left hand and then swing the right hand in to get that neutral grip.


The reason why we recommend a neutral grip is that it is more natural and heights are easily obtainable. With a neutral grip, you will be hitting the ball just above any obstacle without hitting your ball too high or getting out of the yardage.