Buy Golf Grips on Amazon and Compare with Golf Pride


What is the difference between a set of grips (13pcs) worth over forty dollars purchased on Amazon and the expensive golf pride?


We will compare golf grips by their appearance, smell, performance, and quality.



Golf pride is the brand of the most well-known grips and has a design that most golfers love, their grips have a very durable feel to them. In comparison to SAPLIZE, their grips are very similar in appearance to golf pride in many ways.

With such similarities in appearance, they also differ in color and pattern.  The golf pride grips and Saplize grips have a very even pattern and color print, with few imperfections to be found.

Conclusion: they both have a similar look and a good coloring process.



Some grips open the moment of packaging, you can smell the very pungent odour. When I open the golf pride, I don't smell the pungent smell, only a slight rubbery smell. The Saplize grips also have no pungent smell, but the rubber smell is different from the golf pride, probably due to the different rubber materials they use. 

Conclusion: none of them have any irritating smell and only contain a trace of rubbery taste. This smell is negligible whether you are swinging the club on the course or installing the grip at home.



The performance of the golf grip is mainly in terms of grip and how easy it is to install.

To test the grip of both grips, we sprayed water on the surface of both grips and let them get wet. The grip of the golf pride does not disappoint. The saplize grips were equally satisfying, both grip surfaces were smooth when the water first touched the grips, after wiping they both showed good grip and gave confidence on both the backswing and the downswing.