Can Oversized Grips Really Improve Your Golf?

When it comes to golf, the grip on your club plays a vital role in your swing and overall performance. Golf grips come in various sizes, and one size doesn't fit all. In this blog post, we will explore oversized golf grips in simple terms. We'll cover what they are, the advantages they offer, how to measure your hand size for a proper fit, how they can improve your golf swing, and some considerations for choosing the right oversized grip.


What is an Oversized Golf Grip?

An oversized golf grip refers to a grip with a larger diameter than the standard-sized grip. It is designed to accommodate players with larger hands or those seeking certain benefits from a larger grip size. These grips provide more surface area for your hands to hold onto, offering a different feel and potential advantages for your game.

Advantages of Oversized Golf Grips 

a) Enhanced Stability and Control: Oversized grips provide increased stability by allowing a more relaxed and secure grip. They help reduce tension in the hands and wrists, resulting in a smoother swing and better control. Players of all skill levels, especially those who struggle with grip pressure or maintaining a consistent swing tempo, can benefit from this improved stability.

b) Reduced Tension and Fatigue: Standard-sized grips may lead some golfers to grip the club too tightly, causing tension and fatigue during the swing. Oversized grips address this issue by allowing for a lighter grip pressure. The larger grip size distributes the pressure more evenly across the hands, reducing strain and fatigue. This can help golfers maintain a relaxed swing throughout the round, leading to improved consistency.

c) Improved Shot Shape and Distance Control: The larger grip size can influence shot shape and distance control. Oversized grips promote a smoother release of the clubhead through impact, encouraging a more natural square or slight draw shot shape. They can also help golfers who struggle with slicing the ball by reducing excessive hand action, resulting in straighter shots and tighter dispersion patterns.

What a Difference an Oversized Golf Grip Provides to Your Game




Which Golfers Are Suitable for Oversized Golf Grips


Oversized golf grips can be suitable for a wide range of golfers, depending on their individual preferences and needs. Here are some groups of golfers who may benefit from using oversized golf grips:

Golfers with Larger Hands: Golfers with larger hands often find that standard-sized grips feel too small or uncomfortable. Oversized grips provide them with a more secure and comfortable grip, allowing them to maintain better control over the club.

Golfers with Arthritis or Hand/Wrist Discomfort: Golfers who experience arthritis or any form of hand or wrist discomfort may find that oversized grips offer increased cushioning and reduce the strain on their joints. The larger grip size can provide a softer feel, minimizing discomfort during the swing.

Golfers with Tendency to Grip Too Tightly: Some golfers have a tendency to grip the club too tightly, which can restrict their swing and lead to tension. Oversized grips can help alleviate this issue by encouraging a lighter grip pressure, promoting a more relaxed and fluid swing.

Golfers Seeking Stability and Control: Oversized grips can enhance stability and control for golfers who struggle with maintaining a consistent grip throughout their swing. The larger diameter of these grips allows for a more secure hold, reducing the likelihood of the club twisting or slipping during the swing.

Golfers Looking for Shot Shape Correction: Golfers who battle with a slice or inconsistent shot shape may find that oversized grips assist in reducing excessive hand action. This can lead to a more consistent clubface position at impact, helping to straighten out shots and improve shot shape control.


      Measuring Your Hand Size for an Oversized Grip:

      To determine if an oversized grip is suitable for you, you can measure your hand size. Place a tape measure around your hand just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb. If the measurement falls between 8.25 to 9.25 inches, you are likely a candidate for an oversized grip. Keep in mind that personal preference also plays a role, so try gripping clubs with different grip sizes to find the one that feels comfortable and supportive.

      How to Measure the Size of Your Hand


      How Oversized Grips Improve Your Golf Swing:

      Oversized grips offer several benefits that can improve your golf swing:
      a) Increased Grip Stability: The larger grip size reduces the likelihood of grip slipping or twisting during the swing, promoting stability and control throughout your motion.

      b) Reduced Wrist Hinging: An oversized grip can limit excessive wrist hinging, leading to a more consistent clubface position and minimizing errant shots caused by improper hand action.

      c) Enhanced Comfort and Feel: The additional cushioning and larger circumference of oversized grips provide a more comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue and allowing for a relaxed swing.


      Considerations for Choosing an Oversized Grip:

      a) Personal Preference: Grip choice is subjective, and what works for one player may not work for another. Experiment with different grip sizes and seek feedback from a professional club fitter or instructor to determine the right fit for your game.
      b) Grip Material: Consider the material used in the grip construction. Different materials offer varying levels of traction, durability, and feel. Experiment with different materials to find the one that suits your preferences.

      c) Grip Taper: Pay attention to the taper, or the decrease in diameter

      from the top to the bottom of the grip. Oversized grips may have a reduced taper, which can affect how the club feels in your hands. Find a taper that allows you to maintain a comfortable and secure grip.


      Oversized golf grips offer unique advantages for players seeking increased stability, reduced tension, and improved shot control. They are beneficial for golfers with larger hands or those who desire a different grip feel. By measuring your hand size and considering the advantages of oversized grips, you can make an informed decision about whether they are right for your game. Remember, personal preference and seeking advice from professionals are key in finding the perfect grip size that enhances your comfort and performance on the golf course. Happy golfing!

      Note: This blog post provides general information and should not replace personalized advice from a professional club fitter or instructor.