Are you interested in replacing your golf grip in 3 minutes without vise. Easy to install golf grips even without vise using a few small tools.

These tools are easy to get around and are even given to you when you buy grips. The tools you will need are.

  • A hook knife
  • Tape
  • Grips Solvent 
  • A towel



How to Change Golf Grips without Vise- REGRIPPING WITHIN 3 MINUTES

Step 1: Remove the golf grips using the hook knife.

The golfer uses a vise to hold the grips and a cutter to remove the grips. The normal cutter is no longer suitable in the absence of a vise. With the upward-pointing hook knife, the old grips can be cut with less force, as easy as tearing open a bag, so there is no longer any need for a vise to hold the grips. 


Step 2: Removing old tapes-use the easy-to-peel tape.

If you don't have a vise, you can use your leg to hold the club and peel off the old tape on the top of the grips. But we strongly discourage how to do it or use the easy-to-peel tape that only requires a little pressure whole tape will come off the club.


Step 3: Apply new tape and install the new grips

As with normal grip fitting, new tape is applied to the golf club, and golf solvent is sprayed on the inside of the grips and above the tape. The function of the solvent is to make the tape temporarily unsticky and to lubricate the grips while it is being fitted. Mounting grips without vises may require more effort. Using the left hand to hold the club and the right hand to push the grips allows quicker and less strenuous grips installation.


Step 4: Checking grips and drying

Solvents and tape residues tend to remain on the grips' surface when fitted and can affect the non-slip properties and appearance of the grips. A towel is needed to dry the grips as soon as possible. Leave the grips for 12 hours to dry.



No vises replacement has to be noted:

  1. Make sure the club is held in place by your hand or something else when using the hook, and cut through the grip at an even rate to prevent your hand from being cut.
  2. Best done with two people working together.
  3. Note that the grip tape needs to be removed from the club's end to ensure it is clean.
  4. Prevent solvents and other things from contacting the grip's surface.
  5. Using special tapes and solvents saves effort and time.



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