What is a weak golf grip &  the benefits and problems with a strong grip?



Whether it's a strong, weak, or natural grip, it's all about the direction they put their hand on the club.

weak golf grips

This has a direct impact on the direction of your shot, the height of your shot and many other aspects. Next, we discuss their differences and the scenarios in which they are applicable.



What is a 'weak' Grip?

 A weak grip means that the "V" is pointing to the left of your head. More open clubface.

What is a 'weak' Grip?

A weak grip is recommended for players with slower hips to keep the clubface centered at impact. Slow hips force the club head to lie in front of the body at contact and by using a weak grip, the tendency to pull or hook the ball can be reduced.



Strong vs Weak Golf Grip

The strong grip V-shape points towards the right shoulder, close the club face at impact, helps the player pull the ball and helps the player make an inward swing.

You can use a strong grip if you are an amateur with tight hips. The rapid hip rotation during the swing causes the clubface to open up. Using a strong grip will reduce the tendency to push or chip the ball. A strong grip will close the clubface and allow for a natural pull.



Weak Golf Grip Benefits

Weak grips all have different types of advantages and disadvantages. The key is to match your swing type to the right golf grip. The advantages of a weak grip are listed here. Finding the right grip for you will allow you to hit the ball more accurately.

weak grip benefits

BENEFITS #1. makes hooking a golf ball almost impossible

If you always struggle with hooking golf balls, you may want to try a weaker golf grip. Balls that always hit off to the left can be straightened out by switching to a weaker grip for them.
Some golfers have tried many times to always land the ball in the trees. But simply trying to weaken the grip by just one knuckle solves the hooking problem

BENEFITS #2. Easier hand rotation

A weak grip makes it easier for golfers to rotate their hands at impact. Younger golfers with stronger hands can hit the ball further.

BENEFITS #3.Higher Ball Flight

A weaker golf grip makes it easier to hit the golf ball into the air. Hit those towering approach shots that stop on the green in a flash. More trajectory and more backspin often lead to hitting lower scores.



Weak Grip Disadvantage 

Disadvantage 1: It may lead to more slices

A weak grip will have an open clubface, and it may increase the number of slice shots a golfer hits. The biggest cause of slices is an open clubface. You need to train your hip and hand rotation to reduce the problem of slicing

Disadvantage 2: It may not work well for beginners

Still, because the club face is open, it is believed that most beginners slice the ball on the tee. For this reason, more training is needed on how to control wrist and hip rotation for those who are just learning to play golf.


Weak Right-hand Golf Grip 

For right-handed golfers, make the "V" between the thumb and index finger point more toward the left shoulder.


Weak Left-hand Golf Grip

For left-handed golfers, make the "V" between the thumb and index finger point more toward the right shoulder.