How to Hit Golf Irons-Proper Swing Action


In golf, the accuracy of the direction of the shot is more important than the distance of the shot.
The more consistent the swing, the better we can predict the shot's outcome. The more consistent the swing, the more accurately we expect the shot's work.
The more consistent the swing, the better we can predict the shot's outcome. Of course, improving the consistency of your swing requires a lot of practice and a lot of hard work.


  1. The one-piece approach is crucial, meaning that both shoulders, arms, and hands work closely with the club to lead the club smoothly backward. At this stage, any disconnection in one part of the movement will hurt the entire lead and will be negatively affected.
  2. The next stage of the lead is to flex the wrist so that the club is in the correct plane. As the arms swing up and the body rotates, the wrists begin to turn up, bringing the clubhead upwards and pointing towards the sky.
  3. It is important to keep the shaft parallel to the target line of play is vital if the shaft is horizontal after the club has reached the top of the approach.
    At this point, the clubface and shaft should be at the same angle as the forearm and shaft, which is known as "square".
    The spine and head should remain in the initial position. Ask friends for help or check in front of a mirror to see if your lead to the top is correct.
  4. Purposefully shift your body weight smoothly to the left side while gradually opening the twisted upper body. The elbow joint of the right arm should drop to the side of the body.