How to Properly Grip Your Golf Club | SAPLIZE


This article will show you How to Properly Grip Your Golf Club.  We will tell you straight away that the biggest factor affecting your clubface is the way you hold the club with your hands.


Make Sure Your Golf Club is Straight

Before we start, it is very important that our club is straight, if the club is deflected left to right, the ball will fly too far in the wrong direction when we hit it.

Golf grips


Use Markings on Your Grip to Align Your Club Face

The perfect grip is important and there are three alignment marks on the top of the grip, we need to keep them in line with the club face.



Keep Your Hands Natural

For most golfers, their grip is not natural enough. Hands facing the club, arms hanging naturally. 

Natural golf grips


 As you can see in the picture you can follow this line in the glove as a reference to holding the position of the club in your hand.


We then wrap our fingers around and place our hands on top.  Don't cover the end of the grip with your hand. 


The bottom hands need to remain natural, as do the top hands. Fits naturally without the need for wrist rotation.


Align the thumbs of the bottom and top hands. Then wrap your fingers together. 



Check Your Grip

 1. V Shape: 

The crease we created between the thumb and index finger is a V shape.


2. Crease Direction

We place the club directly in front of our body and check that the direction of the crease is towards our right shoulder. 



3. Seeing Two Knuckles

If you are not sure whether the crease is aligned with your right shoulder, you can also check whether you can see two knuckles.