How to replace golf club grips easily and inexpensively


Grips need to maintain their grip during the golf swing. If your grip has started to wear out or become damaged, replace your golf club grip immediately. But do you know the best grip for your golf clubs? Is replacing your golf club grip easy to do and affordable?


Grips range in price from $2.95 to $10 depending on the material and the different brand premiums; if you buy grips at golf stores and specialty stores, they all have grip installation services, but you will have to pay a hefty fee. If you have the time and patience, you can easily do it yourself. Of course, you are a golfer, so I know you have patience? It's a simple process, and you can do it. Once you have purchased the grips you want from your favorite store, Golf Warehouse is where I go, and you will need some other materials to complete the job.


Replacement grips you will need.

  • New golf club grips - 13 for your clubs
  • Hook knife - a little sharp
  • Double-sided tape - 13 pieces
  • Solvent - preferably with a nozzle
  • Bench vise - not necessary, but it will make the project easier.
  • Two towels can be a bit of a messy process, so it's better to work in the garage.



The process of replacing the grip of a golf club.


Put the seller's complimentary rubber block in the vise before putting the club in the vise (make sure the club head is pointing skyward and tighten the vise, not extra tight -


If you don't have a vise, you can now grip the club with your hands and feet.


1. Remove the old grip: cut the old grips with a hook knife and set it aside.


2. Remove the old tape: peel off the old tape by hand (if the tape is of average quality, it will be difficult to remove)


3. Replace with new tape: Wrap the club with the new special tape, starting about 1/4 inch from where the grip extends into the shaft. When you are sure the tape is wrapped around the club, remove the protective cover from the tape.


4. Apply solvent: Spray the new grip with the particular solvent, making sure to plug the hole in the top of the grip with your thumb to avoid spillage. And shake the grip thoroughly to moisten the inside.


5. Install the grip:

  1. Pour off the solvent inside the grip (you can drizzle some on the tape), point the open end of the grip at the club, and push the grip at an even speed.
  2. Find the small notch on the small end of the grip and align it with the clubhead.
  3. Slowly rotate the grip and straighten the grip, keeping the notch aligned with the clubhead.

Wipe all excess mineral oil from the shaft and grip.

Finally, leave overnight.



And just like that, you've managed to replace your worn, substandard golf club grips with good ones and save some money in the process. Congratulations! Now you're ready to hit your best score.

Now you're ready to play your best round of golf ever. Best of luck to you.


It is also important to choose the grips when replacing your grip.

If you are looking for a better price/performance and comfort grips you can use the CC01 set.
It comes with 13 grips for less than $50 and includes all the tools you need to replace your grips. Made with unique rubber to maintain grip and bring confidence when you hit the ball.

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If you are a frequent sweater or want to the grips in all weather, then the CL03 cotton thread grips are the best choice. Made of highly absorbent cotton thread embedded in the rubber surface, it absorbs water and maintains grip. It can be used in any weather

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