3 steps to learn how to set up your iron shots - and hit the ball more accurately


The setup position is a crucial part of the swing, but it is often not given much attention in practice. Professional golfers have their own experience in the preparation posture; they will adopt different preparation postures for different situations. Still, this difference does not affect the development of their stable swing technique. Therefore, the most important thing is to develop effective preparation habits that suit you.


1. The length of the shaft determines the posture

The body position is determined by the length of the club shaft used. With a long 3-iron, the feet stand a little further away from the ball, and the body should be more upright. If you use a six-iron, the shaft length is about 5 cm shorter than a three-iron, so you should stand closer to the ball and bend a little more at the waist. The stance is closer to the ball with a nine-iron, and the body bends more.


2. Placement of the ball

The ball's position dramatically affects the angle at which the club touches the ball. Generally, using a 3-iron, the ball is positioned very similarly to a wood (to the left heel side of the body). A nine iron requires a more vertical contact angle, so the ball is more to the right. With a six-iron, the ball should be positioned between the two.


3. Stable aiming posture

 A consistent aiming posture is essential when hitting the ball with irons, and the golfer should maintain a personalized aiming posture. The normal aiming position should be feet and shoulders parallel to the target line, body weight evenly distributed on both feet, and hands directly above or slightly in front of the ball.