Tapered vs Non-tapered Golf Grips-SAPLIZE

Comfortable grips give you a better experience and performance. Let's find the right tapered or non-tapered grips depending on your hand size and grip feel


Tapered vs Non-tapered Golf Grips Summary: 

  1. The difference between tapered and non-tapered grips
  2. Advantages of the tapered grips
  3. Advantages of the non-tapered grips
  4. How to choose?


1. The difference between tapered and non-tapered grips

Tapered vs non tapered golf grips

The shape of the tapered grip is large at the top and small at the bottom; the whole grip is a taper from top to bottom. They have the same internal dimensions, but the external dimensions of the upper part of the grip are thicker than the bottom.

The non-tapered grip is the same external thickness from top to bottom. 

This refers to the top and bottom of the grip as well as the top and bottom of the hand when gripping the clubs.


2. Advantages of the tapered grips

Advantages of the tapered grips

Tapered grips are the most common type of golf grip and are available in various styles and materials. Commonly available in rubber and cotton thread blends, they cater to all golfers' needs.

1. More options -  You can easily choose the grip of your choice at golf supermarkets and online shops. More reviews to help you choose the right grip for you.

2. Lower price - Tapered grips are about half the price of non-tapered grips. If they are replaced once every three months, the extra cost can amount to more than a hundred dollars a year.

3. More flexibility - the tapered curve allows the golfer to have more hand movement during the swing.

4. Long time - Better for long grips than non-tapered grips.


3. Advantages of the non-tapered grips

Advantages of the non-tapered grips

Non-tapered grips can meet the specific needs of golfers who are uncomfortable with tapered grips or those with arthritis.

1. Less stress - Because the tapered grip is thinner at the end, it requires more strength to grasp. Many people find it uncomfortable.

2. More power - Because the tail is thicker, it gives the golfer enough confidence to go for more power in the swing, so it can deliver more distance.


4. How to choose?

Choose tapered and non-tapered grips based on whether they feel comfortable in your hand. It is generally based on the size of your hand and whether it can give you self-confidence.

  • Hand Size - Just like shoes, the right size will fit the sport, and grips come in large medium, and standard sizes, so know how big your hands are and choose your grip according to the size of your hands. Most grips have the same inner diameter. Both tapered and non-tapered grips need to be sized according to the infographic method below to find the right size and choose the right size grips.
golf grips hand size
  • Grip Feel - We recommend a visit to Golf Grip Superstore to get a real feel for the grip. First, try a tapered grip for your swing and if the swing gives you enough confidence, confidence in this case means being able to control the grip firmly even when swinging to the top. If the tapered grips don't give you a good experience, you can try the non-tapered grips.