Grip Type


Swing grip: for driver and swing:

CC01 CC02 CC06 CL03 CL04 CW01


Putter grip: for putter :

PP02 PP04



Rubber grips

Cotton cord grip

Wrapping grips

PU Grips


Made of special polyester material, with good wear resistance and long grip life.

Cotton thread on the upper part of the grip provides excellent durability and non-slip properties

Winding tape shape PU material grip, because the fast installation sacrificed a certain degree of durability

PU material can maintain a long-time comfort and non-slip performance


Soft rubber material to ensure comfort, daily golf to provide excellent anti-slip and feedback force, rain anti-slip performance in general.

Designed with cotton thread inserts to maintain perfect slip resistance even in rainy weather, it is a grip for all-weather at a higher price.

The winding belt design can be traced back to the early golf leather grip, because the use of PU material and wrapping installation method, is the most comfortable and high anti-slip performance of all grip force, in addition to being the most convenient to install the grip

The PU grip features a comfortable grip in all conditions and provides more power in the swing, while the internal rubber material provides precise feedback.


Exclusive rubber material provides a comfortable feel while ensuring precise force feedback

Designed with brushed fine cotton thread for added comfort

The grip wrap design fits the hand better and greatly increases comfort. The PU material makes the wrap-around grip the most comfortable grip among all grips.

PU material brings super comfort, the upper diamond pattern design helps the hand feel and comfort











Grip Size

Too small a size will cause extra hand movement and lead to pulling the ball. An oversized grip will restrict the wrist’s internal rotation and shorten the distance to the ball.

Standard: 7 to 8 ¾ inches medium glove

Medium: 8 ¼ to 9 ¼ inches Large

Large: > 9 ¼ inches Extra Large Glove


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