Callaway Golf Balls Compression Chart and Rank 


Callaway Golf 

  • We all know that Callaway is a professional golf manufacturing company and owns the brand Topgolf, which is also part of the well-known international sportswear brand Jack Wolfskin.
  • As a 40-year-old manufacturer and distributor of golf equipment and accessories, Callaway products have stood the test of time and quality and have become the benchmark for golf brands.
  • Callaway has developed a very large range of products, and as the needs of golfers become more varied, with different balls requiring different compression ratios, spin properties, etc. Callaway has a solution for all your needs.

Callaway Golf Balls 

High compression Mid compression:  Low compression: 

Callaway HEX Black Tour

Callaway HEX Chrome+

Callaway HEX Chrome

Callaway HEX Hot

Callaway HEX Hot Pro

Callaway HEX Warbird

Callaway Speed Regime 2

Callaway Speed Regime 3


Callaway Chrome Soft X

Callaways New ERC Soft

Callaways New ERC Soft 2022

Callaway HEX Solaire

Callaway Strata Tour Advanced

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Supersoft Magna

Callaway HEX Diablo

Callaway ERC Soft

Callaway HEX Soft

Callaway Supersoft Yellow

Callaway New Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology

Callaway New Chrome Soft Truvis Yellow and Black

Callaway New Chrome Soft Yellow

Callaway Supersoft Pink

Callaway Solaire and Pink

Callaway Superhot 55 Yellow

Callaway Limited Edition Chrome Soft "58"

Callaway Superhot 70

Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Superhot 55


CallawayGolf Ball Compression Chart and RankCallaway Golf Ball Compression Chart and Rank2022 Callaway Golf Ball Compression Chart and Rank

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