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Must Read Grips Replacement Tips

 1. Replacement tools TIPS

  • Recommended use of vise - If you intend to replace the grip at home, we recommend buying a vice. It will save you installation time as well as a lot of effort. Of course, if you want to install it with your own hands, you can see our video here.
  • Use rubber blocks to protect your clubs - The rubber block creates better resistance to prevent the club from sliding. It is also flexible and protects the club from hard vice scratches. Remember to use golf grips' special rubber blocks, which are inexpensive; some brands include them in their grips sets.
  • Tape and solvents are essential - Solvent and tape are essential for grips replacement, the good tape and solvent will help you to install the grips faster. The tape is the bond between the grip and the club. The solvent makes the tape temporarily unstuck, thus making it easier to install the grips.

 2. Cutting and Removing Grips Tips

  • Cut the grip three times - Many people start picking away the grips when they cut them off. And then found that the grips were difficult to remove as it was not cut completely. As an experience of changing the grip master every day. You need to cut the grips at least three times on the same "line", especially on the thick end of the grips.
  • Be careful with knives -  The most important thing is to protect yourself from knife cuts and, secondly, to protect your clubs from scratches. We recommend you not use too much force when using the hook knife and cut at an even speed—many careful presses instead of one big force.
  • Removal of grips with both hands - For your safety, please use both hands when removing the grip, as follows: first hold the club with one hand and remove the grip with the other. 

3. Tape Removal Tips

  • Easy tear tape - There is no tape residue if the tape can be torn by hand. In this case, you can peel it off by hand. Some special materials may detach from the club with the grips.
  • Hard to tear grip - If your tape is difficult to remove, we recommend you use a heat gun to blow back and forth on the tape for a while (don't stay in the same position) and if possible, add a heat conductor bar, which will transfer the heat more evenly.
  • Glue residue - For stubborn glue and tape residues, we can use a solvent and then wipe with a rag. If there is still a residue after using the solvent, it is time for a more professional adhesive remover.

 4. Apply New Tape Tips

  • Tape should not be too long - If you purchase a full roll of tape, you will need to cut it up. Please measure your grips length in advance. Prevent any excess tape from leaking out after installation.  If you use custom-made tape you can ignore this problem.
  • Leave some tape at the end - Set aside a length of tape beyond the end of the club to cover the end of the club and tuck it into the hole.
  • Double-sided tape - Both sides of the double-sided adhesive tape need to be peeled off, Although it is a simple matter, we still need to remind you

 5. Solvents Tips

  • Don't save your solvents too much - If there is not enough solvent, you will not be able to install the grips silky smooth. Whether solvent is needed for the tape and the inside of the grips, a little can be left inside the grips when installing the grips.
  • Shaking the grips - Pour the solvent into the inside of the grips and plug the holes at both ends of the grip with both hands. Shake the grips so that the solvent is in full contact with the inside of the grips.

6. Apply the grips Tips

  • Don't interrupt - Don't stop during grips fitting, push the grips to the top in one continuous step. To install the grips in one go, align the opening of the grip with the club and insert a small section then push the grips with both hands.
  • Positions - A stable body position is required for grip installation. Hold the front of the grip with one hand and the rear of the grip with the other. The feet are positioned with one foot in front and one foot behind, using core strength as well as arm strength when pushing the grips.


Save Money on Regripping

 1. Regripping at home

The biggest expense of replacing the grips is the cost of the grips and the installation. If you learn to install your own grips at home you can save a great deal of money. You can also experience the joy of DIY. To replace the grips at home you just need to follow the steps above to learn how to install the grips at home, but of course, you will need some equipment such as a vise to fix the club and a towel to wipe it down. 

2. Save money on the grips

  • You can get cheaper prices by buying online. You can buy grips cheaper than golf shops on Amazon and the official websites of the brands concerned, please buy from official certified online shops for caution.
  • Buy cost-effective golf grips - If you are not so enamored of the big brands, Then a cost-effective grip is a very good choice. You can choose depending on your needs either a comfortable rubber grip or all-weather hybrid grips. There are certain ways in which you can find cost-effective grips.


 How to Buy Cost-effective Golf Grips 


You can easily find cost-effective grips online and you can find many grips reviews online, such as Amazon reviews, forum reviews, etc. Of course, many of the reviews are probably blogger reviews that the brand paid for. But you can still find real grips based on the following points. 

1. Buy from an e-commerce platform where you can return goods.

The e-commerce platform contains many other brands of grips in addition to the big brands, they tend to have high quality as well as the right price, the key is that they can support no reason for returns, you can choose the grips you like and if you are not satisfied with the quality or don't like it you can just get a refund.  

2. Brand website discount activity.

Christmas, New Year's Day and Black Friday, and so on will have discount activities, you can go to buy your favorite brand grips during this period. 

3. Internet rating can still be trusted?

Can Amazon reviews as well as forums still be trusted?  Although many brands will contact bloggers to advertise in the forum, we believe many buyers will make real feedback below. So we should go more to the comments of the posts, they have higher authenticity. Or follow the first method to choose a merchant who can refund without reason and test whether the grip is satisfactory. If not satisfied will not lose money.


Too much trouble finding the right grips?

We are here to promote the SAPLIZE brand.  SAPLIZE has stores in major e-commerce platforms Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. You can enjoy a no-reason refund, fast and free shipping, and quality assurance.  SAPLIZE is one of the first brands invited to the Walmart Webstore

SAPLIZE is one of the top three selling golf grips on Amazon every year and is the most popular brand among golfers in addition to the big brands. Because it has a very high-cost performance and the same technology of the big brands.

Each golf brand has its own proud technology, such as the ALIGN technology of Golf Pride. Includes anti-slip pattern technology from other brands, etc.  

Now you can get this big-name technology SAPLIZE grips for 1/5 the price. Maybe you're wondering why it's so cheap. SAPLIZE has many years of experience in OEM grip processing and has the core technology of grip material and production compared to other big brands without expensive sponsorship, distributor fees, and a large number of stores and large employees. With the development of the e-commerce platform later we sell grips on the internet, which greatly reduces the production cost.

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