What Are Golf Grips Solvents?


Golf grips solvent is essential for installing grips, the solvent makes the tape temporarily unstuck and makes the grips easier to install. The solvents you may have spent a fortune on at a sports shop may not be as good as the solvents that some brands give you when you buy grips.  

We recommend using SAPLIZE brand Solvents, which have a lower price and exclusive formulation. Helps you to install grips silkier smoothly.


Advantages of SAPLIZE Solvents

A good solvent determines how easy the grip is to fit. Compared to other solvents, SAPLIZE solvent has higher lubricating properties. It helps you to install grips silkier smoothly. If you have not fitted grips before, or rarely do, SAPLIZE solvents will be your best bet.