What Golf Grips Do The Pros Use


Professional golfers have many options when it comes to golf grips. Some popular choices among pros include:

  1. Tour Velvet: This is a classic, smooth-textured grip that is popular among many pros. It is made from a soft rubber compound and has a classic look and feel.
  2. MCC Plus4: This grip is designed to help players maintain a consistent grip pressure and hand placement. It has a slightly larger diameter than most standard grips and features a corded surface for added traction.
  3. SuperStroke: These grips are known for their larger diameter and unique "no taper" design, which helps to reduce wrist action and improve consistency. They are popular among players who struggle with hand and wrist tension.
  4. Golf Pride: Golf Pride is a leading manufacturer of golf grips and is used by many pros. They offer a wide range of grips, including the Tour Velvet, the MCC Plus4, and the SuperStroke.


    Ultimately, the best golf grip for a professional golfer will depend on their personal preferences and the specific needs of their game. Many pros experiment with different grips to find the one that works best for them.