How to Clean Your Golf Grips | SAPLIZE Grips


Just finished playing golf with my friends last week, came home and had a bite to eat then started drinking. It wasn't until I was planning to train golf again today that I realized that the grips had become slick and no longer had good traction and I realized that I hadn't cleaned my grip very well.

To avoid this we recommend that you check your grip after playing and if it is not ideal, clean it promptly. Learning to clean your grip routinely will give you better traction performance and extend the life of your grip.

Sweat, dust, and sand are the main reasons your grip becomes slick after a swing. The main material of the grip is rubber, so we need to keep the surface clean and free from chemical residues.

A professional golfer will clean his clubs, including the head and grip, at the end of a round.



  • Soap
  • Two buckets of water
  • Brushes
  • Towel


How to Clean

1. Soapy Water

Combine neutral soap and warm water in a container (if using a sink, add the appropriate soap to the brush).

2. Softening stains

Place the grips in soapy water, which softens any stains left in the grip. (Using a sink allows the soap to lather and cover the grip and leave it for a while.)

3. Deep Cleaning

Using a clean brush moistened with soapy water, scrub the grip from top to bottom.

4. Dry the grips

Wipe the grip with a clean, dry towel and check the surface of the grip for stains and soap residue. Leave to air dry in a clean position before returning to the bag.


Cleaning your grips after every 5-10 rounds you play will save a few strokes on your next round.