What are Half-Cord Grips and Why Play Them


Wet weather and sweat can all seriously affect the traction performance of the grip. Thus not giving golfers enough confidence in their swing. The good news is that Half-Cord Grips are a great solution to these problems.

Half-cord grips, also known as a cotton cord grip, are made of cotton cord and rubber. It has excellent all-weather slip resistance and retains its grip in rainy weather and sweaty hands to give golfers confidence in their swing.

In this article, we will tell you why you should choose a half-cord grip and what it can do for you.



The cords are made of thin cotton fibres and they are embedded in the rubber to quickly absorb moisture from the rubber and recover quickly from drying, reducing slippage. A good choice for players who have sweaty hands or in tricky weather where grip traction is important.


With a half-cord grip of top brushed cotton thread embedded in the rubber and a soft rubber compound at the bottom, the half-cord grip is a good combination of non-slip performance and comfort. The cotton thread is a very good non-slip material, and the thread is embedded in the rubber to increase the friction between the grip and the hand while the thread absorbs moisture and reduces the loss of rubber. So the half-cord grip increases slip resistance and grip life while retaining much of the comfort of a full rubber grip.


Most of the swing pressure is transmitted to the upper part of the grip. This is why absolute traction is required in the upper part of the grip compared to the lower part. This is why cotton fibres have been designed into the upper part to absorb moisture and reduce adverse effects. Greater friction increases grip traction.



The lower half of the half-cord grip focuses on the feel. Composed entirely of smooth rubber and smooth grain, it offers excellent comfort. It is softer to the touch than the rope and feels good even if you don't wear gloves on your hands. If you focus on the feedback force at impact, your hands have more feedback at impact which can improve the consistency of the stroke.


  • All-weather grip
  • Longer service life
  • A comfortable enough feel
  • Consistent strike feedback
  • Enough confidence in your swing


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