What Is SAPLIZE Exclusive Material Technology


Golf grips material is typically made of rubber, synthetic materials like polyurethane, or a combination of both. Some premium grips may also include a leather layer. The choice of material for golf grips is important as it affects the feel, traction, and durability of the grip. Rubber grips tend to provide good traction and durability, while synthetic materials provide a softer feel and improved comfort. The choice of grip material is a matter of personal preference and can depend on a golfer's playing style, weather conditions, and hand size.

SAPLIZE has been formulated tens of thousands of times according to the properties of the different materials to achieve a technical performance that is highly satisfactory for professional golfers, while also satisfying long durability. 



Why SAPLIZE Golf Grips Are Widely Considered to Feel So Good.

  • Material Quality: SAPLIZE uses high-quality materials in their grips, such as premium rubber and synthetic materials, that are soft to the touch and provide good traction.
  • Design: The company's engineers design grips with specific textures and patterns to improve grip and comfort. They also offer a variety of different grip shapes and sizes to accommodate different hand sizes and playing styles.
  • Consistency: SAPLIZE's manufacturing process ensures that every grip produced is consistent in quality, size, and texture. This allows golfers to have a consistent feel and performance from grip to grip.

    Overall, SALIZE's commitment to using high-quality materials, innovative designs, and consistent manufacturing processes contributes to why their grips are widely considered to feel so good.