Beginner Golf Tutorial: Golf Dress Code


Golf attire can often be confusing for beginners, but by following a few basic dress codes, you can be sure to feel confident and comfortable on the course. The dress code at a golf club can vary, with more exclusive clubs having more rigorous codes. It is best to call the club ahead of time to inquire about their dress code. If you can't reach the club, try to avoid wearing too casual clothing such as pants, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops and sneakers. A collared shirt, smart shorts/trousers (or a skirt for women), a belt, and golf shoes are a safe option for most clubs.

For casual golfers, comfort is key. Shorts or skirts paired with a breathable top is recommended. Athletic shoes or golf shoes are acceptable, although golf shoes offer the best grip. Most clubs have a dressing room where you can change into your golf attire if you prefer not to drive in it. Metal spiked golf shoes are generally not allowed on courses and athletic socks are required. Shorts and golf trousers or chinos are acceptable, but pants are not. A collared golf shirt or polo is required, and t-shirts must be tucked in. Sweaters are fine, but make sure they are fitted and tucked into your collar. A waterproof jacket or anorak is necessary if you plan on playing in the rain. Hats and caps are not mandatory, but can be helpful for sun protection.

In conclusion, following the golf dress code can help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the course. If you're not sure about the dress code, reach out to the club ahead of time for clarification.