Suppose you want to change your grip more quickly without spending too much money. As one of the top 3 selling replacement grip sets on Amazon. You can refer to our article on how to change golf grips.

Once you have purchased a set of grips that need to be replaced, you will also need the following essential grip replacement tools.


1. Hook knife: cut through the old grip; the special hook knife for replacing the grip is curved. When cutting the grip, it will not harm your golf clubs, especially those made of graphite.

2. Solvent: Other bloggers often don't go into great detail when discussing solvent, but in fact, the purpose of the solvent is to make the tape temporarily unsticky so that it can be pushed in very easily when you fit the grip.

So why do many golfers complain about poor grip fitting, when in fact it is not necessarily the grip that is the problem but the poor solvent?


If you have a vise table, you can change the grip more easily.


We can broadly divide the grip replacement procedure into two categories: grip removal and grip fitting.


Removing the grip

1. Use a hook knife to cut through the grip; with the hook knife, you need to make a small cut in the grip and pull back along the cut until you can remove the grip.
We don't recommend using a knife to cut the grip. Of course, a knife can cut, but the problem is that a sharp blade can also hurt the club. A hook knife has an upward point, so it doesn't touch the club.


2. Remove the tape
Removing tape can be a time-consuming task if the tape is only looking for pure adhesion. Some people do not know how to remove the tape and we certainly do not recommend this. This is because the grip of the club will become thickly coated. Eventually, it will need to be removed.


Installation of grips

1. Please check that your grips are in good condition before fitting them.
We recommend you take a video to keep evidence to claim if you come across a damaged grip and if there's no problem, you can post the grip replacement process on YOUTUBE to gain fans!

2. Use solvent to contact the grip and tape fully. Our solvents are designed using a spray nozzle. This is to allow for full contact with the grip and tape and to minimize wastage of solvent. As mentioned before, the solvent and tape are our exclusive formula, so when sprayed with the solvent, the tape temporarily loses its adhesion for quick and effortless grip installation.

3. Installing the grip
Run the top of the club across the end of the grip and push the grip all the way down in an even motion, adjusting the symmetry of the grip after installation to align the grip as a whole.