How to aim-The best tutorial for beginners


In golf your target is the fairway, the green and the cup.


Often many beginners start on the wrong foot. The correct aim is the fundamental foundation of playing golf. You are setting yourself up without correct alignment for problems right from the start. For beginners, correct alignment requires that both body and club are aligned with your target. Every part of your body, from your feet to your eyes, should parallel the target line during preparation. (Advanced golfers sometimes align their bodies and clubs differently to bend their shots deliberately).


To ensure correct alignment, the following simple but very useful aiming steps can be followed


The first thing you do when you need to aim is to stand five or six feet behind the golf ball in a perfectly straight line. Form a straight line between the target and the ball. 

You then need to mark the ground in this straight line, a few feet in front of the ball. 

The next thing you need to do is to connect the three points into a straight line.  and maintain a correct tee position

1. line up your free parallel to your target line. Note that the feet are parallel to the target line.

2. Club Face straight to target