A few simple golf grip removal tools allow you to easily replace your grip at home - saving you the cost of expensive replacements at grip malls.

You may have seen many strange grip replacement tools, such as tools that allow the grip to be removed without cutting the old grip. The result is that you can see that the old grip is full of solvent, causing a complete loss of grip.

 There are two simple steps to replacing your grip: removing and installing the grip; here, we will only talk about how to remove the grip.



Essential tools for removing golf grips

Hook Knife

We strongly recommend using a hook knife rather than a hobby knife. A hobby knife has a downward point. You may cut your club when you cut the grip. The advantage of the hook blade is that the blade does not touch the club when it is up.

When you cut the grip, the hobby knife applies a downward force, while the hook knife applies a backward force. Then the hook knife is more effortless than the hobby knife.


How to golf grip removal tool? 

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Our golf grip sets all include a hook knife, out of which a solvent and tape set is also included. Our tapes and solvents are made of special materials compared to other products on the market. This allows the tape to lose its adhesion in a short time and allows the grip to be easily installed.