Proud that Amazon's most popular grip for 2022 is the SAPLIZE golf grip.

The last year has been difficult, with the heat and the epidemic. But the golf grip has maintained its high sales growth and growing popularity in these tough times.

Next, we present the most popular products. There is surely a golf grip for you.


1. The most cost-effective golf grips-CC01

There is no question that the CC01 has been chosen as the most cost-effective grip. You get thirteen grips for over thirty dollars, including a removal tool, tape, and solvent kit. The excellent performance of this grip has led to many repurchases.

Advantages of this grip:

  • Get all you need for less than $40
    The exclusive rubber material maintains traction in the up-swing and down-swing.
  • Over tens of thousands of proportioning tests with solvents and tapes: For a more effortless grip installation.
  • We add special active molecules to our solvents more than conventional solvents, which make the tape temporarily unsticky and easier to install.

Points that might make you feel unsuitable:

  • The grip is rubber, although it holds traction and good power feedback. However, when it comes to special weather conditions, we would recommend the CL03 all-weather grip.




2. The Most Popular Grips


Despite selling for up to US$70. But it is still the hottest selling golf grips because of its excellent anti-slip properties. It's hard to find such a great grip in its price range.

Advantages of this grip:

  • Get high-performance grips for less than $70.
  • Aligned prominent markings with our logo to aid hand placement and improve swing consistency.
  • The grip taper was designed and adjusted more than a few thousand times, and after endurance tests by professionals, we chose a straighter taper. A straighter taper gives you less tension in your hand and releases more power.
  • For better moisture wicking, we use brushed cotton threads for all-weather high-performance traction.