Easy and correct installation of new grips with SAPLIZE replacement kit


We initially sold our golf grips and replacement kits on Amazon because we had access to the core rubber grip manufacturing technology and solvent blending technology, which significantly reduced costs. We were able to sell a better product at a lower price. Customers were amazed by our products. So, we became one of the top 3 grip sellers on Amazon.



Three unique advantages of SAPLIZE


1. Exclusive Patent Reactive Molecular Solvents

SAPLZIE solvent contains a specially formulated surfactant that temporarily prevents grip tape release particles from aggregating with each other.

That's why it's so easy for you to install and remove our grips.


2. A complete replacement grip tool




Our complete grips replacement kit is one of the reasons why our grips are so popular. All tools are uniquely designed and optimized. 

For example, we use a hook knife instead of the hobby knife recommended by YouTube bloggers, The advantage of the hook blade is that the blade is sharpened upwards and backward, cutting through the grip with less effort and without damaging your clubs. To protect the club from damage, we have custom rubber blocks to protect the club.

To protect the club from damage, we have custom rubber blocks to protect the club. 

We have both paper and cloth-based tapes available, all tapes are cut to fit precisely to the length of the grip, and no additional measuring or cutting is required.



3. Market tested, and customer satisfied 

Our products have been promoted by numerous satisfied Amazon customers, in addition to being actively promoted by professional PGA players. It is not only the quality of our products that is reliable it is also our satisfactory customer service, there is no need to worry about quality when you become a customer and you will be refunded immediately if you are not satisfied. We also offer exclusive discounts for existing customers and new products.