How long do golf grips need to dry

The grips need to dry out or maintain traction, both when replaced and on rainy days or when wet hands have touched the golf grips. How long does it take for golf grips to dry?


1. After changing the grips

Golf grips typically need to be allowed to dry for at least a few hours before they can be used. Recommended drying time is 12 hours for the solvent inside the grip to dry. The exact amount of time needed will depend on the specific type of grip and the conditions in which it is being dried, but in general, it's best to allow ample time for the grip to thoroughly dry before using it on the course. 

2. Rainy days or sweaty hands

In normal use scenarios, golf grips do not need to be dried because they are not typically exposed to moisture. In fact, it is not recommended to attempt to dry golf grips because doing so could potentially damage the material they are made from. Instead, if your golf grips are wet, it is best to simply wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess moisture. If your golf grips are excessively wet, you may want to consider replacing them to ensure optimal performance.