How to Hold a Golf Club: The Proper Golf Grip-SAPLIZE


This article is the best guide for beginners to learn about golf grips. 

From the experience of professional golfers, just five steps to hold a golf club correctly, the types of golf grip, and how to change your grip. And the guide to left and right-handed golf grips. The grip, body posture, ball position, and swing are the most basic movements of golf. Holding the club properly will allow you to progress rapidly and avoid many headaches. Learning to change the grip set can also save you a lot of money.


Table of contents


1. Grip the golf club tips 
2. How to grip(five steps)
3.  Golf grip types 


4. Driver and putter grips
5. Left and right-handers in golf
6. How much pressure is on the grips?
7. Troubleshooting golf grips


8.  How to replace golf grips
9. What size golf grips do I need
10. What is the best golf grip



1. Grip the golf club tips 

This tip could save you a lot of trouble. Many beginners want to swing nice and early, which often leads to neglecting and not training enough on the grip and stance. Doing the basics of training is the best way to avoid developing bad habits later in the game. Great players have a strong foundation, and good coaches spend a lot of time working on the basics of stance and grip.



2. How to grip

Step-1. Before we start, make sure our clubs are straight. Put the grip at your own waist height.

Step -2. Keep your hands natural and use the markings on your grip to align your clubface. 
The perfect grip is important and there are three alignment marks on the top of the grip, we need to keep them in line with the club face.

how to grip a golf club
Step- 3. Hold the club in your hand following this line in the glove as a reference.
Then we put our fingers around and place our hands on top. Do not cover the end of the grip with your hand.
how to grip golf club
Step-4. Seeing the two knuckles, we place the club directly in front of our body and check that the direction of the V-shaped crease is towards our right shoulder.
Check if you can see both knuckles. If not, turn your hand right until you see two knuckles.
how to grip the golf club
Step-5. Cover the thumb of the left hand with the softest part of the right palm.
how to properly grip a golf club
Still don't understand? You can check out these two articles:



3. Golf grip types 

Golf grips have evolved, and there are many variations. The three most common ways are described below, but choosing the proper grip for you is primarily a personal preference.

10-Finger Grip
Overlapping Grip
Interlocking Grip

The first step is to determine the orientation of your hands on the club. For right-handers, your left hand will be on top, closer to the butt of the club, with the right hand underneath the left. Of course, lefties can simply reverse the order. The thumb of the hand on top extends down the shank of the club rather than wrapping around the bottom.



4. Driver and Putter Grips


The Driver has the same grip as the irons but is slightly different from the putter.

Putter Grips

The way you hold the putter is very different from the driver.  Professional PGA players generally use these three types of grip and you can try them all to find the best one for your putter.

The most popular - Reverse Overlap Putting Grip
The left index finger rests on top (for right-handed golfers). 
The reverse overlap grip is favored by most golfers for better control of speed and for better feedback.
 Reverse Overlap Putting Grip

Better stability - Cross-Handed Putting Grip
Also known as the 'left-hand low'
where your left hand is placed on the putter below your right hand (applies to right-handed golfers.)
If you're looking for more stability, try the Cross-Handed Putting Grip.

Cross-Handed Putting Grip

More Grip Pressure - Claw Putting Grip  
Left-hand holds the top of the grip,
Right hand sits on the top or side of the grip
The claw grip raises your grip pressure and it is suitable for putting at short distances.

Claw Putting Grip



5. Left and right-handers in golf

  • The technique is the same for both right and left-handed golfers.
  • The club head is not the same for the right or left hand. You need to find the left-handed version of the golf club equipment
how to grip a golf club left handed

Phil Mickelson, Mike Weir, Bob Charles, and Bubba Watson are all well-known golfers, so it turns out that golf technique is not about left or right-handedness, only equipment, but it doesn't affect your performance any less.




 6. How much pressure is on the grips?

This method helps you find the right pressure.

golf grip pressure
  • Hold the grip with your hands and raise the club head to chest level.
  • Turn with the grip in your hand. Turn in small circles and then in large circles. Feel the pressure of your fingers on the grip at different ranges.
  • The hand grip wiggles from side to side to find the right grip pressure for either firm or comfortable grip.



7. Troubleshooting golf grips

Do you still feel that the golf grip is not very comfortable? Are you experiencing any of the following problems? Lack of distance and inability to control the direction of the ball?  We have created a checklist that you can use to check your grip. 


1. Allow a small gap

correct golf grip
Do not hold the end (top) of the grip, allow some gap.
Prevents slippage and saves more energy. Less centrifugal force on the backswing.



2. "V" goes towards right shoulder
how to grip a golf club correctly
Make sure the V shape is towards your right shoulder if you want the ball you hit to fly in the right direction.


3. Seeing two knuckles
correct golf grip right hand
In the instruction on how to hold the grip, we mentioned the seeing of the two finger knuckles. Please check after holding the grip.


  • Allow a small gap
  • "V" goes towards the right shoulder
  • Seeing two knuckles
  • Moderate grip pressure



8.  How to Replace Golf Grips

Learn how to change grips and you don't need to go to the golf supermarket to do it, you can change 13 grips at home in half an hour.

  • The first step is to install a rubber protector on your club. This protects the cue from getting caught in the pincer table.
  • Step 2, the cue is secured to your pliers. Be careful not to clamp it too tight but make sure the club doesn't move.

how to replace golf club grips

  • Step 3, carefully cut the grips off the club with a hook knife.
  • Step 4, clean off all the remaining tape from the old club and dry the club thoroughly with a clean towel.

how to replace grips on golf clubs

  • Step 5, apply double-sided tape, leaving an extra portion of tape on the head of the club. Once you have completely covered this section, remove the backing paper from the double-sided tape.
  • Step 6, pour the solvent into the grip to lubricate it with complete contact.

how to replace a golf club grip

  • Step 7, check that there is no damage to the new grips and start installing them with the arrow on the head of the grip pointing in the right direction. Gently and evenly push in the rod head.

how to replace a grip on a golf club



9. What Size Golf Grips Do I Need

Most instruction on teaching you how to choose a grip size these days tells you what size grip to use for what size glove. This method helps you to pick your grip on the internet. If you buy in a shop you choose the size based on how well your palm fits the grip.

1. Select the size according to the golf glove size

golf grip size chart

2. Select the size according to how well your palm fits the grip

golf grips hand size



10. What are the best golf club grips 

Golfers have different needs for golf grips, so there is no specific standard for the best golf grip. We select the “best golf grips” for different performance characteristics. 


 1. The best cost-effective grips

If you're looking for good value for money then rubber grips are your best choice. In addition to the price advantage, the rubber grips offer a very good and comfortable feel. More durable than wrap tape grips. No less durable than hybrid grips either. 

Normal rubber grips are half the price of hybrid grips.  Combining performance, durability, and price, the rubber grip is the best value for money. Ideal for golfers with no special requirements. It is also the best choice for the beginner.


2. The best-performing grips

For golfers with sweaty hands and who need all-weather grips.  Hybrid grips also called corded grips, have cotton thread embedded in the rubber grip to increase the friction of the grip. The cotton thread absorbs moisture from the hand.

The hybrid grip is the best-performing grips for all-weather traction. Ideal for rainy days and the best golf grips for sweaty hands.


3. The best grip for arthritis

Non-tapered grip and oversized grip are suitable for golfers with arthritis.  The larger grips without taper reduce pressure on the hand and reduce wrist movement. The thicker grip brings less vibration so improves comfort.

Non-tapered grips and oversized grips are the choices for arthritic golfers. Choose comfortable enough grips. 



Holding the grip correctly is very important for your swing. You need to choose the right size grip and the correct grip. First, learn how to hold the grip. Then choose the type of grip to your liking. There are slight differences in the type of grips for the swing and the putter. The left and right-hand grip are the same. Then find the right grip pressure and you have fully mastered how to hold the grip.