How to Grip a Golf Club- Strong Golf Grip&3 Benefits


As a golfer, you may be wondering why today's top golfers are hitting the ball further than ever before compared to the past. Many credits the latest technology, as well as having an exceptional level of physical training.

Both technique and fitness are designed to maximize the width of each swing and the speed at which the body can turn. We will demystify the technique 'strong grip' used by this generation of golfers to achieve peak performance.


What is a strong grip on golf?

A strong grip is a position on the golf club that allows the golfer to rotate both hands towards their trail slide. It is a club-holding technique that points the line or V between the thumb and the index fingers towards the trail shoulder (right shoulder for right-handers).This description from:

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Benefits of a Strong Grip & How It Affects Club Delivery At Impact

Many top golfers opt for a strong grip: Dustin Johnson, Zach Johnson, Bubba Watson, Fred Couples, David Duval, and Bernhard Langer all play with a strong grip. We'll elaborate on the benefits a strong grip gives them in the game next.


Improves club stability

A strong grip improves the stability of the club during the impact. This may be why more and more people are switching to a strong grip in golf, especially golfers who are just starting. There is no longer a need to raise the toes in the backswing deliberately. This playing position means that they will drop their toes during the swing. Professional golfers tell us to keep the club closed and rotated more during the stroke.

This technique also ensures that you have consistency in every swing. This is because you use leverage to increase the power and speed of your spin on each stroke. This allows you to have very consistent control of your clubface. Using a strong grip gives the golfer complete control of the launch line and the curve of the ball on take-off during the swing. This can't happen unless you have better club stability in your swing.

Stronger grip for better stability, increased power, and rotation speed at the waist during the swing, boosting player confidence.


Less Rotation To Hit a Draw

A strong grip reduces spin when you hit the draw, and if you've been struggling with the slice shot, why not try using a strong grip to hit a nice draw? The draw is easy to control, so beginner golfers often choose it to compensate for the distance the slice can take.


Bringing more power and confidence

More power means longer drives and fewer strokes. A strong grip will increase the power of your hitting and thus improve your game. Because speed and power determine the distance of the tee shot, it also directly impacts the putting.

There will be golfers who will hit power shots with their weak grip, but a strong grip is better suited to most players and beginners and puts them in a good position. Try turning your left hand to a more clockwise position (V shape towards your right shoulder) in the next drill, allowing you to hit more speed through the ball.