Best Drills To Hit The Golf Irons Close


The whole purpose of golf involves trying to get the golf ball as close to the flag as possible to make it easier for you to make the hole. Well, in this section, we will teach you some tips to make it to the flag.


a.Control Your Club


The first thing to do is to learn how to control your club. Knowing how to control can help you know how to strike your ball for the best impact and distance. Therefore, you want to consider the distance the ball is from the flag, and also the environmental factors at the time you are about to strike the ball. These two elements can affect how you modify your club to give you the optimal shot.


When it comes to the distance you want to consider how far the ball is from the hole, and doing this will give you an idea of the margin for error.


When it comes to environmental factors, you want to consider nature's elements such as the wind direction and sometimes weather. These two environmental factors can influence how you adjust your club for the shot.


Now you probably know the distance you want and how the environmental conditions affect your distance. So, now you're probably wondering how do you get the ball across your desired distance? Should you use a less club or more club? Often, most golfers choose fewer clubs and this causes them to feel strike the ball with so much power, and this leads to you losing the strike quality and with little to no technique. Alternatively, others may decide to go with more club than needed, and when they swing and are about to strike the ball, then they realize they do not need too much club. Finding yourself in these situations can cause you to compromise your tempo or strike. This is why you must learn how to control your club rather than worrying whether you need more club or less club.


Learning how to control your club will help you modify your club's power to help you strike your ball to the desired distance without compromising your strike. To do this, you want to imagine your club with three different power levels: 100%, 90%, and 80%.


Hitting at 100% power will mean you are holding the golf normally as you do. To hit at 90% power, you want to hold the club one inch down on the grip. And to hit at 80% power, you will be holding two inches down on the grip. Hitting at 100% power will mean you are hitting at 7 iron 150 yards. Hitting at 90% power at a full swing will cause the ball to travel 145 to 140 yards. And hitting the ball at 80% power at full swing will cause the ball to travel 140 to 135 yards. So, if you realize, the less power you use, the less distance the ball will travel.


It is important to note that you want to hit the ball in full swing at all power levels.



b.Aim Right


Sometimes most amateur golfers want to take a dead aim at the flag all the time. However, you want to make sure that you are guarding against missing on the short side. So, as you stand and aim, you want to look out for the middle portion of the green, and you always want to ensure that you are aiming between the middle of the green and the flag. What we mean is that you want to ensure that you have a lot of green to work with to make it easier to get it to the hole. And an easy way to do this is to make the flag the right side of the target.