American Tour golfer Kramer Hickok revealed that 17 players have signed with the Super League. Although he did not reveal the specific names, he hinted that there are many big-name golfers among them. "You're going to see a lot of big names going, 17 players have already decided to jump over there, I can't say who they are, but there's definitely some big ones." Hickok said on the podcast. "From what I understand, that money is very, very attractive. There's only 12-14 tournaments and you get paid for playing and you don't have to worry about being eliminated. There will only be 40 golfers in total, and there will be 10 tournaments in the United States. The signing bonus is so lucrative and extremely tempting for some, and we'll definitely see some big names." Hickok insisted that US Tour players deserve more, but those who join the Super League are "hungry for money". "We have to be grateful to the US Tour. They give us the platform to follow our dreams, to do what we love and to make a living doing it. It might be a little greedy to go to the Super League to make more money because we don't know how long the Super League can last, we don't know if the money is a constant stream, we don't know what happens in the future and if golfers do leave, they will be banned from the US Tour." Hickok has heard that the Super League is scheduled to begin in June. The 29-year-old golfer is currently 63rd in the FedExCup standings and will play in this week's Jay-Z Invitational. Meanwhile, World No. 2 Colin Morikawa denied rumors of joining the Super League and said at the pre-tournament press conference for the Jaynes Invitational that he "fully supports the U.S. Professional Golf Tour. "I've been following the US Tour my whole life, I used to want to play Tiger Woods and break his record, never thought about anything else, I just thought about the US Tour. Whether the Super League opened the way for us professional golfers to open the way for the US Tour, that's absolutely true. We've seen a great deal of change, some for good and some for bad, and I'm sure there will be others as time goes on. Right now, some of the best players I've ever seen are supporting the US Tour, and that's where I belong." Other golfers also expressed their opinions on the subject. "Why do some guys want to jump ship to another tour. Because golfers need transparency, protection and stability." Charlie Hoffman said. "Under the current governing body, we don't have that." Bryson DeChambeau clarified on Twitter Monday that his absence from this week's Jay-Z Invitational was due to injury, "There have been many completely inaccurate and false reports in the media and any news of my health and playing schedule will be revealed directly by me and the team." The U.S. Open champion has been one of the prominent golfers with links to the Super League. He has denied reports earlier this month that he had received a nine-figure contract.