Best Golf Grips 2021

Whether you want to be a professional golfer or enjoy golfing as a habit, it is significant that you're not neglecting to have the best golf grips available in the market. Aside from the fact that a good golf grip can help you position your hands, this also offers extra traction that allows you to play on wet and sunny days comfortably. Therefore, high-quality materials, as well as the size of the grip, should always be taken into consideration as these two are considered essential things to evaluate when looking for efficient and effective golf grips.


Types of Golf Grips


Rubber Grips

This type of grip is popularly known to be less expensive to produce compared to others. Rubber grips can easily be found in every golf club and are usually used for their comfort more than their playability.

Corded Grips

Some of the Best Players prefer using these corded grips as they are considered efficient to use despite lousy weather. Since corded grips have extra cords, it is now easier to grip, even in slippery places. However, corded grips are not recommended for those who play with gloves in their hands as these produce rough texture.


Wrap Gold Grips

These grips are considered the most common type of grip among all types of players. Thus, it can be seen from beginners, professionals, and on the tournament. Wrap gold grips are described as the combination of corded and rubber grips, which made these be considered the upgraded version of old school grips.


Putter Grips

Putter grips come in different sizes and styles, making it efficient for players to find the best putter grips. This type of grip is considered the most critical grip for all golfers. Many loved using these grips as these can somewhat ensure the strong potential for your shots. Through this, it is unquestionable why people love using these grips.


Seven things you must know when choosing a golf grip


  1. Golf Grip Size (Outer Diameter)

There are six different sizes of golf grips when it comes to the outer diameter. These are undersize, junior, standard, midsize, oversize, and jumbo. Among all these, the most popular golf grip sizes are standard and midsize. Each manufacturer of golf grips has its definition diameter sizing. Generally, the diameter size of the undersize and junior golf grips fall below 1 inch, approximately 0.8 inches most of the time. Standard grips are known to have around 1-inch diameter size, while midsize, oversize, and jumbo golf grips vary slightly, but its general sizing is mostly around 1/8 inches to 3/8 inches. When it comes to knowing golf grip size, It is significant to understand that the standard method of measuring diameter is 5cm below the butt end of the grip, which pertains to a place where the upper hand wrist was aligning with the grip. Since the hands and fingers of people have various sizes and shapes, it is significant that you have already tried holding an installed grip before finally deciding to change the size of the golf grips. In this way, and you will be able to evaluate whether you must change it.

  1. Golf Grip Core Size (Insider Diameter)

Aside from the grip mentioned above, there is a second size measurement to remember: the golf grip core size or what people call interior diameter. This should not be confused with the grip's outside diameter as they are both different. Most of the internal diameters of golf grips are approximately 0.600 inches or 0.580 inches. The main factor behind this was that the majority of the outside diameter of golf shafts is also just about this size. Typically, clubmakers try to match the core size of the golf grip to the golf shaft's outside diameter. In some circumstances, club makers want to fit a 0.580-inch core size grip onto a 0.600-inch butt diameter shaft. This means that many prefer to increase the grip's outer diameter slightly. However, there are also smaller golf grips in diameter, which usually pertain to what people call junior or undersize shafts, specifically ranging between 0.500 inches to 0.560 inches. Meanwhile, larger diameter size like bubble shafts portrays those which size is around 0.800 inches or higher.

  1. Golf Grip Shape

Golf grips are available in various sizes such as round, ribbed, and alignment. Among all these, the round is the most common shape of golf grips. This means that you can orient the grip however you like; for example, some players would prefer to have the grip's logo facing up while others may choose it to face down; thus, they may also choose a 360 or no-logo grip. However, ribbed-shaped grips have a small protruding ridge that is intended to be oriented along the shaft's spine. This rib is popularly known as a reminder for players to feel where precisely the bottom of the grip is located to place their hands properly. Fortunately, some manufacturers have recently introduced a more modern and prominent rib design dubbed an "Alignment" or "Calibrate" rib. These alignment grips have an unmistakable ridge that runs the entire grip length, which makes the grip extraordinarily unique.

  1. Golf Grip Style / Material

Generally, golf grips come in a variety of styles. However, they will all fall into one category: hybrid, cord, wrap, composite, and velvet. Hybrid style is the combination of line and rubber which makes it more modern and unique. One of the most notable hybrid grips was the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4, as it utilizes a great cord in the upper hand, specifically designed for control and optimizes a softer rubber in the lower hand. On the other hand, Cord grips have a cord fabric interwoven throughout the grip's surface, which enables an increase in traction and value. A wrap-style grip is described as a simulated one-piece style with a wrap design. In contrast, a composite grip is popularly known for its feature of being tacky, smooth surface, as well as visually appealing patterns. Moreover, velvet-style grips are best known for having light texture as it features its small repeating cross patterns on a rubber material that utilizes control.


  1. Golf Grip Feel

When it comes to golf grip feel, there are three categories: soft, medium, and firm. It has been said that the feel of the grip is a significant personal preference. Mainly, soft grips are known to absorb some of the impacts, making you feel more comfortable. This type of grip is perfect for those players with arthritis or hand pain. While firm grips are known to create more feedback to the hands at an impact thus, it is considered the best fit for those who prefer a firmer feel. To achieve this, you must ensure that your golf grips will provide sharper feedback.

  1. Golf Grip Weather Management

It is popularly known that golf grips have a finite life. However, you must know how to complement the clasps into the weather in your place. Therefore, it is advisable to have high moisture management grips when you live in wet or high moisture weather as this will not only optimize non-slip performance but also help the grip last longer. Meantime, if you live in a hot place with a hot climate, you must find a 100 percent UV-resistant grip to prevent fading or cracking from sun exposure.

  1. Golf Grip Profiles

Golf grip profiles can be classified into three types, namely tapered, reduced taper, and non-tapered. Historically, all swing grips were tapered. However, players have recently discovered that adding extra tape to the grip's lower part can help prevent over-gripping while it helps increase the accuracy and swing control. On the other hand, reduced taper grips simulate an extra or more than two tape wraps in the lower hand. Moreover, non-tapered grips are mainly described to have a consistent diameter to the end of the grip.


Best Golf Grips

Saplize Golf Grips is one of the most promising providers of the best golf grips since all players can find something that will work for them. Whether you are a beginner or experienced golfer, Saplize has provided excellent recommendations for you. Thus, provided below are some of the best golf grips from Saplize you may choose from.


CC01 Rubber Golf Grips 13 Pieces Pack with Solvent Kit

This grip is Saplize's bestseller as it comes in a complete kit of 13 pieces grips, 15 pieces grip tape, 4-ounce grip solvent, golf hook blade, and rubber vise clamp. This comes in sizes of standard and midsize, that is made from high-quality rubbers. This means that the grip is abrasion-resistant, thus, creating an anti-slip feature for the grip. This provides good shock absorption that can be used in any weather.


PP02 Tacky Surface Coating Technology Golf Putter

The most prominent thing about this grip was its anti-slip feature, as its unique embossing patterns create more traction. This also means that players can easily achieve consistent strokes in the entire round. This tacky golf grip is said to produce a lightweight feeling which makes the players more comfortable.


CL03 Corded Rubber Golf Grips 13 Packs with Solvent Kit

This golf grip comes in standard and midsize sizing, made up of a combination of cord and rubber. The upper part of this grip is a hybrid style, while its lower end is made from rubber. This compound makes the grip be considered to have high stability, anti-slip, and high feedback.


15 Pack Long Life Wrapping Tapes Golf Grips, Super Anti-Slip Golf Grips, Regripping No Need Vise Clamp

If you love to experience dressing up your grip with wrapping tapes, this golf grip is perfect for you as it doesn't require a solvent to have a brand-new-looking grip. This item is more functional to use than any other as it brings excellent comfort and stable strokes. This is anti-slip, tacky, and absorbent to sweat.


CC02 Rubber Golf Grips 13 Pieces Pack with Solvent or Tape Kit

These golf grips come in sizes of standard and midsize, in styles of either with a solvent kit or tape kit, as well as different colors available. This is surely made from high-quality rubbers as it is known for anti-slip features, abrasion-resistant, and good shock absorption, which makes the grip functional to use whether in cold or hot environments.


PP04 Unique Boomerang Rubber Golf Putter Grip

This is popularly known for its lightweight features when used in play. This is considered soft and tacky, making the grip effective when a player eyes for stability in strokes. It also has an anti-slip feature as it brings more traction to enable control. The same with other products, this is also compatible to use in any weather condition.


CL04 Corded Rubber Golf Grips 13 Pieces Pack With Solvent Kit

Since this golf grip is made from two different materials, it enables more robust feedback and a firmer feel as its upper hand has brushed hybrid rubber. This also offers better control and accuracy as the grip's lower hand is made from rubber. Thus, the compound mixture of these two creates excellent anti-slip and best stability features, making it more unique.


How to Regripping Your Grips


When it comes to changing the grips on a golf club, Craig Watson, a Golf Pride, advises regular players to replace grips at the start of every game session. If you love to learn to change the grips by yourself, listed below is how to do it.


First, you should start by fixing the shaft firmly onto the vise clamp, then cut the grip using a hook blade lengthwise. Upon cutting, you should proceed with peeling off the old grip. Make sure there's no left paper tape, so you should carefully scrape them off. When done, you must then proceed to the application of tape onto the shaft. When applying, keep in mind that you should be about 0.75 inches over the shaft end to avoid bubbles. Then, it would be best to release the first half of the paper behind the tape, followed by the other half. A spray of solvent should follow this onto the tape as well as the inside of the grip. Make sure to put even solvent on the inside of the grip. When the grip is ready, you shout push it forcibly onto the shaft without stopping halfway.