Following basic golf etiquette before you hit the course, regardless of skill, can make for a better experience. You won't be penalized for not knowing certain golf etiquette, and you can make many golfing friends.

Never ignore the rules of golf; many professional golfers have blundered over the rules costing them thousands of dollars and even championship titles. So if you are considering whether or not you should tell your playing partner if your club lands in a bunker, its entirely up to you, but when you don't apply the rules to your game, you only hurt yourself.

At the heart of general etiquette on the golf course is not to disturb others. Try to be as quiet and still as possible when other golfers are playing. As you now know, many things to think about when you are swinging the club. The more you can concentrate on the ball, the better your chances of playing the way you want. Another essential thing is to never walk on the line between someone's golf ball and the cup. This can lead to nail marks on the line where the golfer is preparing to putt. Regarding golf etiquette, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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