How to Choose the Best Golf Grips

how to choose the best golf grips

How to choose the best grips for you among the many brands of golf grips? Professional golfers choose their golf grips based on material, size, and comfort. Of course, we also need to take into account the price factor. Why is it so important to choose good grips?

Golf grips are an important tool for maintaining traction throughout the swing. If the grips are not good, they will not maintain tack and traction, causing the club to slip out of your hand. Material and size are important factors that affect the traction of the grips.


1. Material

The most common type of golf grip is the rubber grip. Although almost all brands have rubber grips, rubber materials have significant differences in grip performance. A good rubber grip can feel slightly sticky when you hold it in your hand. It retains traction after many swings. On the other hand, poor-quality grips start to become slick after a few swings. 

Best golf grips

The hybrid grips are also called corded grips. It is a cotton thread embedded in the rubber grip to improve grip traction on rainy days and on sweaty hands. The advantage is all-weather traction. But the rubber grip is more comfortable and cheap.


2. Size

Just like shoes, the right size will fit the sport, so first, you need to know how big your hands are and choose grips based on the size of your hands. Most grips have the same inner diameter. All you need to be concerned about is what their outer diameter is. Many brands will vary a little in size.

Find the right size for you according to the method in this article:


How to Choose Golf Grips at a Great Price?

The market is full of fake brand-name grips and low-quality grips, some sold at high prices and some at low prices. You can choose a good quality grip at the right price by using the following methods.


1. Amazon Rating and Reviews

Choose golf grips brands with an Amazon rating of over 1,000, as Amazon generally only has the opportunity to showcase a rating for 100 sales, so 1,000 ratings are basically for products with over 100,000 sales.

Choose products with more than four stars in Highrating and watch their real reviews to choose according to your budget and preferences.


2. Official Website Promotions

The official website offer is an unmissable opportunity to get a brand-guaranteed product at a great price.

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