Choosing the wrong golf club grips affects your swing and causes you to slice or hook the club


Your club grips are your only connection to the golf club, so it is critical in the swing.

The most overlooked aspect of your golf bag in terms of equipment is the golf club grip itself. One of the most critical parts of your golf swing is your grip.



Golf Club Grips

An experienced golfer will always check the condition of his grip and whether it is maintaining its grip. Because the grips are one of the most critical parts of the equipment in your golf bag, it is also the golf equipment that you have complete control over.

If your grip becomes slick, hard, shiny patches, or wears spots, it will cause the club to slip in your hands during the swing, affecting the position of the clubface when you hit the ball. A smooth grip also forces you to push harder on the club, resulting in less accurate shots.

Replacing your grip with a new one on time and keeping the surface tacky to make it lighter and easier to grip will better control your shots and reduce the build-up of hand fatigue during play.


Why do new grips promote better golf shots?

First, newer grips have a better release on golf swing contact, and better traction improves distance and accuracy.

Experts recommend that golfers change their grips at least once a season.

The slightly stickier feel and increased traction will make you feel more confident with new grips.


 Correct Grip Size

The condition of your grip affects the way you hold the club, but the size of your grip is just as important. The correct grip size is probably the most crucial part of having a good grip.

If the grip is too small, the club may twist in your hands due to tightening the grip and squeezing the club at the bottom of the swing. The result is a closed clubface at impact.

If the grip size is too large, the club may loosen at impact, opening up the clubface and causing chipping.

In either case, too small or too large, you will not be able to make a good, solid impact with the ball or achieve any level of stability.

How to choose the right grip size

If you have a proper golf glove, you can check the size; small, medium, or large. Alternatively, you can use your existing clubs to limit.

If there is space between your fingers and your palm when you are ready to hit the ball, your grip size is too large. If your fingertips dig into your palm, your grip size is too small.

Your grip size is correct when your middle and third fingers are just touching the palm pad.

Regripping the club

Golf grips come in many styles and sizes and are relatively easy and quick to replace. Your professional can do this at your club, or you can quickly and easily re-grip your clubs with a bit of trial and error.

Having a new grip feels almost like having a new set of clubs. Not only will re-gripping your clubs feel fresh, but with new, correctly sized grips, you will have better traction and stickiness, providing the foundation for better ball striking.