How to hit a golf ball on the trajectory you want, the correct golf club grip has a far greater impact on the overall ball trajectory than everything else in golf.

We all know that this grip is the cornerstone of the swing. For this reason, we start with a proper grip. Then get the fun of golf.


1. Grip position

The faster you can swing the club by holding the actual club within your fingers. Also, the more immediately the clubface can close.

The farther you hold your club, the slower the golf club moves and the longer it takes for the clubface to close.

In the case of a slice, the grip is more on the fingers (the bottom of the fingers).
In the case of a hook, the grip is more in the palm area (top of the left hand).


2. How to grip your club

golf grip tips

Place the club in your left hand: The club should run along the palm of your left hand - from the base of your index finger to the pad on your little finger.

At this point, support the club firmly using your left fingers and bring your palm around to the top of the grip.

Start with your right hand on the side of your right thigh and gradually pull it toward the bottom of the club.

golf grip
Position your right hand on the club, more on your fingers than your palm. You only need to fold your right hand over the fingers of your left hand.

Your palms need to face each other. To conclude these tips on proper grip, we need to deal with one last thing.

The amount of power you have in the club plays a big role in swinging the club. The tighter the grip, the slower your arm will swing and the longer the clubface will take to release on the downswing (which will be a slice).

golf grip
This is an excellent point to make if you hook the golf ball. This will prohibit the golf ball from bending from right to left.

However, if you have a slicing problem, this level of grip pressure may cause the ball to slice more.

You must grip the golf club like a baby's hand for those with slicing problems.

Be careful. The looser your grip, the faster the club will swing, and the quicker the club will release on the downswing.

You've found the correct golf club grip if you don't have any trouble with the ball bending.