For the uninitiated, replacing grips can be time-consuming and tedious! But you can change grips in three minutes or less after reading our guide to changing grips. I usually change my grips at least three times a year, and I recommend you do the same. Of course, you may need to replace them more frequently, depending on wear and tear.

Many people tend to think that only a professional should replace your grips. If money is no object, that's fine. But for the average person, replacing grips multiple times a year will get pretty expensive. However, once you have replaced your grips, you will soon see how easy the job is and who wouldn't want to save some money?


1. The tool you need to replace the grips

Having good tools for grip replacement will make all the difference. You will need the following things.

Hook knife
Double-sided adhesive tape
A good cleaning agent
Workbench pliers
A rubber protective cover

Once you have your equipment in place, do the following.


2. How to regripping your grips

  • The first step is to install a rubber protector on your club. This protects the cue from getting caught in the pincer table.
  • Step 2, the cue is secured to your pliers. Careful not to clamp it too tight but make sure the club doesn't move.
  • Step 3, carefully cut the grips off the club with a hook knife.
  • Step 4, clean off all the remaining tape from the old club and dry the club thoroughly with a clean towel.
  • Step 5, apply double-sided tape, leaving an extra portion of tape on the head of the club. Once you have completely covered this section, remove the backing paper from the double-sided tape.
  • Step 6, pour the solvent into the grip to lubricate it with complete contact.
  • Step 7, check that there is no damage to the new grips and start installing them with the arrow on the head of the grip pointing in the right direction. Gently and evenly push in the rod head.

Finally, check the installed grips and leave them overnight after no problems.