How to choose the right Drivers


For the beginner, choosing golf drivers is often the first question; there is a growing range of golf drivers on the market. They are often advertised with many terminologies that make it difficult to choose.



When purchasing a driver. These three factors will affect the playability of the driver.

1. The size of the ball head. A larger head will provide more hitting area

2. The loft of the club on the driver. A strong hitter can get away with a lot of just seven degrees.

3. The center of gravity of the club. An essential factor in the ball's flight height is the club's center of gravity.

A club with a low center of gravity helps the ball become airborne, which is suitable

for players with poorer scores. Other clubs have a higher center of gravity, which
gives the ball a more penetrating flight.

Face Facts

Most drivers are made of steel. But many players aim for lighter weight and larger clubheads and opt for more expensive drivers made of titanium.

Golf Drives