The tee height of both fairway woods, hybrids, and irons are the same as the tee height of the driver (#1 wood). This is a big mistake.

Different clubs come in different sizes and have different club face inclinations, so other approaches are needed. You should tee the ball lower or closer to the ground.

Here are some basic rules to follow.

For most clubs, fairway woods (3, 4, 5, and above), your tee is about half an inch above the ground so that half of the ball is above the club's crown. Some fairway woods have larger heads and require a slightly higher tee. 


Hybrids: Follow the rules for fairway woods, although you may find it best to tee the ball a little lower.


Irons: For the longer irons (3 to 6), about a quarter-inch of the tee should be off the ground, so the top of the ball is level with the top of the club face or slightly higher.


For other clubs (7-iron to wedge), the tee should be slightly lower on each club. For example, for a 7 iron, the tee cup should be just above the ground; for a wedge, extend the cup all the way in with only a small portion sticking out.

You can practice at the driving range more often, experimenting with different tee heights for various clubs to find the best results.