How to Correctly Rake a Bunker


We all like to play golf courses in very good conditions and certainly don't like to play in bunkers that have not been repaired into bunkers. SAPLIZE Golf will share with you tips on How to Correctly Rake a Bunker.

 rake a bunker


There are some things to remember when you rake to the bunker.

First, maintenance of bunker areas that receive disturbance. There are often some footprints on it. So we need to make its flat surface smooth again, you can use a bunker rake in the traditional way and we recommend using its back again to smooth it out.

how to rake a bunker


The following are some steps you can follow.

Firstly, find the shortest and easiest route from the edge of the bunker to your ball. (Enter from a lower easy access position into the bunker.) This part is key: carry a rake into the bunker. Please place it in a position that does not obstruct your swing.

Follow the method I mentioned above when you have finished and find your original trail. Renovate the area that needs fixing.

rake a bunker