Golf Tips - Marking your ball on the green.

To give our other golfers a clear path to the game. You will often need to mark your ball on the green with a coin or something similar. As mentioned earlier, this is necessary when your ball is on or near the line of another golfer's putt.

How do I mark it?

Many golfers choose coins as markers. A dime, nickel, or quarter as it is shiny and easy to spot (unlike an old penny). Other than this, any manufactured object is delicate as a marker, as long as it is not easily blown away by the wind.


mark your golf ball

When you reach the green, remember to clean the ball before you put it. This gives you the best chance of putting it into the hole. Place the ball in its original position and pick up your marker when it's your turn. Occasionally, your marker will be directly on the line of another golfer's putt.


When this happens, follow these steps.


golf ball on the green


1. Ask your partner which direction he would like you to place your marker, left or right (depending on the break of his putter).
2. Stand next to your marker and find a landmark, such as a tree, in a straight line perpendicular to the line of your putt.
3. Hold the base of the putter to the left or right of the marker with the toe pointing towards the marker.
4. Move the marker to the toe end of your putter.
5. Once your partner has finished putting, align your putter with the marker and move the marker back to its original position. 

mark your ball on the green

Remember that once on the green, as soon as the surface of the ball touches the green you can mark your ball except in the following situations. You cannot leave the other ball untouched if two balls are close together.

mark your ball on the green