Half Swing-How To Play the Half Golf Swing


The difference between a quarter-swing and a half-swing adds an essential element. An effective wrist hinge determines whether or not you maximize your power and improve accuracy.

half swing

Now let's learn how to half swing

Doing a half-swing starts by getting your wrist fully hinged while your left arm is parallel to the ground, allowing it to form a 90-degree. Why and how to do it? The reason is that if you do not hinge your wrist, your control strength becomes greater for the iron and may not be able to withstand the hinge at this weight level.

half swing

So, let's show how to use your wrists to complete a half-swing
Firstly, keep your wrists linked again as you complete your swing release. How to do this is still about controlling your power and accuracy. If the wrist action is not there, you will use your body to compensate

half golf swing

Next is a broader stance and ensuring your right arm is straight when swinging to the lowest point. Allow all the power to be released at impact.


how to play golf half swing

Practice your half-swing on the driving range before going into a full swing. Learn to use the wrist hinge to complete the half swing, and you will have a solid foundation for your game.

Good luck in completing your half swing.