Everyone likes to hit the ball long and straight down the fairway. At the same time, no one wants to hit the ball out of bounds or into the hazard. In fact, a good driving game will be key to setting you up for success with the rest of your golf shots. Conversely, a few bad tee shots can wreak havoc on your entire round.

A key foundation for hitting consistent long drives is not to overpower, which can lead to many problems. It's easy to get excited and try to hit the ball as far as possible. However, this will backfire and can actually prevent you from hitting the ball long and straight. You want to take a full and smooth swing as you would with any other golf club.

Our first recommendation is that the stance on the first log is the same distance between the legs and the width of the shoulders. As a beginner, we need to understand the stance - a solid foundation. Because the club is long and fast it brings a lot of power, that's why a solid foundation is important.


How To Hit the Driver

When you hit the ball, you will actually hit it slightly upwards.
So, our second recommendation is to place the ball forward. This way you can hit the ball further.

Because of this the club head makes contact with the golf ball during the backswing. This forward alignment allows you to lift the ball into the air and reach maximum distance.


How To Hit the Driver
The third recommendation is that the left shoulder is higher than the right.