How Much Is Top Golf? - How to have a good time


TOP GOLF bay has different prices depending on dates and times, and events. Prices vary from region to region, but overall non-discounted prices will range from $30-$60. Generally, Friday to Sunday prices are higher than the usual US$5 per hour. On Tuesdays, there is a 50% discount, but there are some restrictions on use. We will give you more details in this article.

Take Birmingham, for example; TOP GOLF has different prices at different times of the week. Half Price Tuesday!

Top Golf also has great surroundings and facilities, free wifi, a roof terrace with a fire pit, HD TV, and a restaurant.
How Much Is Top Golf?

How To Get The Best Value For Money? 


There are many ways to save money as well as traveling, such as choosing to go in low season or sharing the cost with friends, if you choose to go TOPGOLF at a time when there are fewer people or if you play with more than one person you can save a lot of money. These money-saving tips may be useful to you


Don't Miss Out On This Event

From Monday to Friday starting at noon, you can play for only $15 per person
For detailed rules of use, You can choose to buy it as a one-off or by the hour.
There are no restrictions on its use except that it cannot be used for other activities, you can see the TOP GOLF explanation


The Earlier You Go, The Better The Value

People always go golfing in the evening after work, so it can be more expensive in the evening than at lunchtime and in the morning.  
So when it's crowded it also means higher prices. Compared to the evenings you can save $10  per hour by playing TOP GOLF between noon and afternoon. 
From the morning to noon, you can save $20 compared to the evening. 


Half Price Tuesday!

There is no time when the prices are lower than on Tuesdays, only fifteen dollars an hour in the morning, twenty dollars at noon, and even at night only twenty-five dollars. 
You can get a great value experience for less money. Don't miss out on an offer like this whenever you get the chance.


Up To Six Golfer

TOPGOLF's rules are each bay accommodates up to 6 players. Prices do not include tax. 
This means you can join five friends and split the price per person at just ten dollars a head.


Different Prices In Different Places 

Even in the same city, there is a big difference between courses, for example, the price of GLENDALE in Los Angeles is $37 an hour, while other courses in Los Angeles are $45 an hour and some places do not have half-price discount on Tuesdays. 
You can check the prices on the TOPGOLF website in advance. Choosing the right course depends on a number of factors such as your distance, preference, and time. 






There is nothing better than a low-price discount, but there are always many restrictions on discounts, such as time limits or usage restrictions. However, we have found a great deal for you, with great discounts and some without discount codes. I'm sure one of the discounts below will suit you.


Half Price Tuesday!

We’re showing Tuesday some serious love. Game play is now half price every Tuesday for a limited time at participating venues. Score more for less with an offer that is as simple as it sounds.

Coupon? Not needed. Clubs? Provided. Balls? Unlimited. Dress casual or to the nines? Do you. There’s no need to make this complicated, but there are a few venue restrictions and other things you need to know below.*

*50% off Topgolf game play is valid on Tuesdays only. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, offer or promotion, and not valid for use on parties or events. Offer valid at participating U.S. Topgolf locations only. Not valid at our El Segundo, Las Vegas, Ontario, Renton, Lounge, Swing Suite or Toptracer Range locations. Excludes arcade games. Void where prohibited. Additional restrictions may apply and offer subject to change.


You can enjoy half-price on Tuesdays according to the TOP website:



 Unlimited Play $15 Per Person

Enjoy unlimited Topgolf gameplay for only $15 per person* from Open – noon, every Monday through Friday. You heard that right, you can hit unlimited golf balls in the morning for just $15 per person. That’s more swings and more savings.

This gives you the flexibility to purchase the unlimited per-person price, or the hourly bay rate. Get here early for the best value!

This offer is valid for walk-ins only, so come on in and ask your Bay Host at the beginning of your visit to apply for the promotion.

You can enjoy unlimited play $15 per person on Tuesdays according to the TOP website:  

TOP GOLF Unlimited Play



Refer A Friend

Invite your friends to join Topgolf Mobile Alerts and when they sign up from your special link, they'll get a code for $10 off gameplay, and you'll receive one as well for the first 5 new sign-ups.

You can enjoy $10 off gameplay according to the TOP website:

Refer A Friend for offer



Sign Up For Offers

You can get all the latest offers from Topgolf by signing up for email and/or SMS alerts when they become available: 

Sign Up For Offers


TOPGOLF Heroes Program

Topgolf passionately supports the dedicated American heroes who protect our country, our neighborhoods, our homes and our families. We are proud to offer military (active duty and veterans), police, fire and EMS personnel, healthcare workers, and teachers 10% off Topgolf game play, 20% discount on select subscription memberships, and 10% discount on event game play and/or room rental when you book an event with a Topgolf Sales Associate.*

You can get heroes discount on TOPGOLF:

TOPGOLF Heroes Program





When is TOP GOLF The Cheapest? 

Monday to Friday unlimited play is the cheapest time and costs $15.  
The cheapest time of the day is between opening and midday, with prices ranging from $30 to $45 depending on the location. 
The half-price event every Tuesday is the cheapest time of the week depending on the hourly rate ( Some courses may not have this activity). 

When is TOP GOLF Most Expensive?

Friday to Sunday evenings are the most expensive, with prices varying depending on the location and generally ranging from US$45 to US$90.
Evening prices are the most expensive of the day, usually between US$50 and US$90.


What Is TOP GOLF And How Does It Work?

Rather than playing a round of golf on a regular course, Topgolf is essentially a driving range game where players use a driver at the bay to train their accuracy.
They also have more entertainment, including food and drink and competitions between teammates. 


Are Minors Allowed To Play?

Under 16 years of age require supervision by guests over 21+, and under 18 years of age are supervised by guests over 21+ after 9 pm. 


Is There A Dress Code?

For TOPGOLF there is no formal/golf dress code. In addition to traditional golf clothes, you can enter in fashionable clothes, which is a fun way to express yourself. Of course, you have to consider that it is a public place when you choose your clothes.


Will It Close In Bad Weather?

There is nothing to stop Topgolf from operating except in extreme weather conditions. In normal weather, including rain, snow, and summer, the doors will open normally.


The Right Temperature In Winter And Summer?

The TOPGOLF course is an all-weather course with a covered hitting area, so you can play even in rain and snow. It is equipped with heaters in winter and electric fans in summer.


How Much Does It Cost To Rent Clubs?

Zero USD. TOPGOLF clubs are free to use during the tournament. There are different golf clubs for men, women, left-handed, right-handed, children, and toddlers. Each bay comes pre-fitted with men's and women's clubs.


Can I Bring My Own Clubs?

Of course, you can, if you prefer to play with your own clubs. You can place them in a designated area within the bracket. You can store your clubs in the club room if you are waiting, so you can enjoy the grounds without having to lug them around.