Bryson DeChambeau recently posted a video on social media showing his negative PED test results on Dec. 21, Pacific Time, with the thumbnail caption, "Did I take steroids?" The 2020 U.S. Open champion, who now has the longest drive distance in the professional game, proved in action to anyone who doubted him that he was not doping.

DeChambeau confessed that his doctor, Anthony Reyes, emailed, "It's negative as expected. You are clean." Bryson then reviewed his test results on his phone, including a growth hormone test, and then shouted to the camera, "Nothing! I want you to see and show these results because no one else will do that. I'm willing to disclose this medical health information and I want you to know that I got where I am naturally and just worked hard. I know what I've done, but you know what?"

The "Golf Scientist" has increased his driving distance over the past few years, from 299.4 yards in 2016/17 to 323.7 yards currently, leading the American Tour golfers. He is No. 1 in driving distance on the 2019/20 US Tour, after being No. 34 the season before.

The video shows Bryson amid an intense workout with his ball speed around 210 mph. He recently hit a career-best 221 mph ball speed and an amazing 149.5 mph ball speed. A few months ago, he competed in the World Long Drive Championship, where he finished seventh. "Getting 219 mph here was a dream come true for me, I never thought I could reach that speed. I broke through and it's the fastest I've ever been in my life."