Golf Beginner Tips- How to putt


Putting takes up almost half of the game, with 40% of all shots being made with a putter. This is why putting is so vital to the golfer.

Putting is very empirical. If you have your practice methods and have tried them a lot, you will surely find a putting technique that works for you. But some basic things don't change, such as the need for a narrower stance and no shoulder and hip rotation.

 how to putt


What is a putter base?

The first foundation is that your movement should come from core strength which is your abdominal strength. Another foundation is the distance between the putter and you, which should remain constant during the swing. If the rotation of the arms etc., changes the distance between the putter and you, then the consistency is not there.

 how to putt


How does the arm affect the putter?

We recommend that your arms are relatively bent when you putt, so imagine if you extend your arms and putter moves in an arc. In other words, the shorter your arms are, the straighter your putter will be. Longer arms are more likely to produce other extra movements and more muscle power to control your putter.

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All that remains is more practice to work on your basic poses and discover the techniques that suit you. This includes speed control, all of which need to be worked out in practice putting drills, not just something you can do by watching videos and articles. I hope you have a good mindset to practice putting.