How to Warm Up for a Round of Golf


Five minutes of golf to warm up, and the first thing you do when you arrive at the driving range is hit a few short wedge shots. If you have seen Tiger Woods' warm-up video, you will also notice that a few short shots are hit first rather than a driver. Because what you need is to relax and stay focused.

golf warm up

Then your body does a few stretches to make your body feel relaxed again, and this is done to get your body ready to play golf.

 golf warming up

Next, you must play on real grass and hit balls of different distances. It's always important to get a feel for the course, and the real grass allows you to get used to the conditions in advance. The different distances are designed to allow you to adjust to the conditions in time. This makes you feel more confident on the course.


The next step is to play from the smallest club until the final number one wood. Hit five or six balls with each club to feel the different impacts.Finally don't forget to putt and slice. You will spend 10-20 minutes on the green. So you should spend a total of 20-30 minutes on the driving range warming up.