Golf Tips: How to Clean Your Clubs


Keeping your golf clubs clean is more important than aesthetics; they must function perfectly.

Keep the grooves of the club face free of dirt and foreign objects. Keep the grip sticky. Dirt, grass, and unknown substances can get stuck in the grooves when they touch the ground during the swing. This can affect the performance of the club.


The first step in cleaning golf clubs is mixing warm water with soap. Remember not to use hot water here as it will weaken the epoxy resin in the head of the club.

cleaning golf clubs

Then we put the club into the water for about ten minutes.

cleaning golf clubs

When cleaning the clubs, we can use a brush dipped in soapy water to scrub the club head. Continue until the soapy water is no longer green or the club has changed its original color. 

cleaning golf clubs

Once we have cleaned them, remember to make them dry.

Cleaning Golf Clubs


Don't forget your grips, which can have irreversible consequences if they lose their stickiness. Wipe the grips with detergent mixed with water and use a towel to dry them.

golf clubs cleaning