Chipping is So Much Easier-The best tutorial for beginners


The golf chipping technique is not very complicated, we just need to break down each step to get a good grasp of it


For many amateur golfers, chipping is often overlooked, and much time is spent practicing the swing and putting. This is because we don't always need to use a chip on every hole. However, chipping is also essential. For those of us who occasionally miss the green, the chip shot will be a great tool to help you finish the hole properly.

You can think of the chip shot as another pitch; only it is a shorter version of the swing. A chip shot will likely hit when you are about 20 yards or closer to the pin.


When cutting the ball it is often the case that the ball is positioned too far back and that the body turns when cutting the ball and steps on the heel. 

So what does the correct position look like?

The stance is slightly open and the ball should be positioned in the middle of the heel.

Also the amplitude of our our swing can greatly affect the trajectory of the ball after it has flown out. Simply place the ball in position with a club and coins on either side of the club. Do not start and swing more than two coins away.