Golf Long Drive Technique-Point of impact


When you look at the shots of the world's best golfers, you will see that they all have a very similar club stroke. While early golf techniques emphasized quick, short club strokes, modern golfers emphasize the fluidity and accuracy of the club stroke. However, while the characteristics of the club stroke have changed significantly, the ball's position has remained largely unchanged over the last hundred years.


1. The point of impact is not just the moment when the clubhead touches the ball but includes a short period before and after the club touches the ball. It is the swing of the club past where the ball is, not just where it is hit.



2. After the club touches the ball, the club continues to move the body and arms forward due to inertia. The No. 1 wood is the most powerful of all clubs and the most difficult to control. You must maintain your balance throughout the swing and never have a shaky feeling during the swing. If this happens, reduce the power of your stroke appropriately.




3.When hitting the ball with a driver, you need to pay attention to the smoothness and rhythm of your stroke to ensure accuracy and to get a satisfactory distance to the ball. The swing after the ball is a reflection of the fluidity of the player's swing. Keeping the finishing motion for a period of time after hitting the ball helps to maintain the fluidity of the swing.