How to Remove Golf Grip


To remove a golf grip, you will need a few tools:


  • Grip solvent: This is a special type of solvent designed to loosen the grip tape and make it easier to remove the grip.
  • Grip tape: This thin, sticky tape is used to hold the grip in place on the club.
  • Utility knife or blade: You will need a sharp knife or blade to cut through the grip tape and remove the grip from the club.


Here's how to remove a golf grip:


  1. First, use the utility knife or blade to cut through the grip tape around the grip base carefully. Be sure to cut through both layers of tape.
  2. Next, apply a generous amount of grip solvent to the grip tape. This will help to loosen the grip and make it easier to remove.
  3. Once you have cut through the tape, you should be able to pull the grip off the club gently. If the grip is still stuck, you can use the knife or blade to pry it off carefully.
  4. If any residue is left on the club, you can use a cloth or sponge to wipe it away.
  5. Repeat the process on the other grips on your clubs, if necessary.
  6. Remember to use caution when handling the knife or blade, and follow the instructions on the grip solvent carefully to avoid damaging your clubs or causing injury.